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Szarvas participates in an international project to develop a smart city

Turkish and Lithuanian delegations were received by the municipality of Szarvas on the 25 June. The international delegations visit to the settlement is a part of a project covering three countries, which was devoted to Smart City development. The project is led by the municipality of Corum, from Turkey, including two European partner cities, Szarvas and Telsiai (Lithuania). The partnership also includes the Corumi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Turkish Hitit University.


Szarvas joined to an EU Project

The municipality of Szarvas is involved in a project of three countries. The common goal of the international program is the development of a Smart City and the establishment of contacts between settlements within and outside of the European Union. Mayor Mihály Babák welcomed the members of the Turkish and Lithuanian delegations at the end of June.


Plum Festival Again

Let’s celebrate together on 07-09, September 2018.


Visit of Chineese sister city delegation in Szarvas

A delegation of eleven people from China's Wuxi arrived to Szarvas for business and friendsip building on Friday. The two settlements are linked by more than three decades through the Fisheries Research Institute (NAIK HAKI), which has been legalized with a sister city agreement for nine years. In the delegation also attended the newly elected mayor of the 6.5-million population Wuxi, Huang Quin.


C4E Forum, Serock, Poland

Central & Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum, 13-16th June 2018.

On behalf of the Municipality of Szarvas, Eszter Prievaráné Mácsár took part on the energy efficiency international forum in Poland in June, which otherwise was organised for the energy efficiency experts of Central and Eastern Europe. But the MEHI, the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute – as one of the members of the consortium in the project – gave also a chance for municipalities to take part. The MEHI is a member of the 4-membered consortium which had a successful project proposal for Visegrad Grant Call with the project title „Improving energy security of the Visegrad through better energy efficiency of buildings”.


May visit of Szarvas delegation to the Italian Sister City Bucine

The two sister cities Szarvas in Bekes County and the Bucine of Tuscany are 1300 km from each other, they meet at least twice a year. First at the end of May the Hungarian Culture and Gastronomy will be hosted at the Festival delle Regioni (Festivals of Regions) in Italy, and a few months later, on the Szarvasi Szilvanapok (Plum Festival of Szarvas), the local government of Szarvas will host an Italian town twinning delegation. The relationship is not a young one: in 2007, a girl from Szarvas who moved to the Mediterranean city introduced Bucine for the leaders of the town.


Taipei, Taiwan Smart City Summit & Expo

The Municipality of Szarvas got an invitation from the Hungarian Trade Office in Taipei to participate on the Smart City Summit & Expo held on 26th-30th March 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan. Mihály Babák Mayor, Zoltán Babák Municipal Representative and Eszter Prievaráné Mácsár Manager of International Relations represented the City of Szarvas in Taipei.

The 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo expected to involve over 120 city governors and municipal officials from 47 countries, along with 50 industry associations from overseas and 490 professional delegates and representatives. This unprecedented scale has transformed this event into the largest Smart City Expo in Asia; is has also been named as one of the major International Smart City Expo, alongside with Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. With the event, Taipei City strives to create a connection between the technology industry and the world, by methods such as organizing Global Organization of Smart City, in hopes of connecting Taipei with the world by integrating cultures and industries across borders.


On Thursday 22 February

On Thursday 22 February, the European Covenant of Mayors celebrated its 10th anniversary in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels. Local and regional leaders from 700 cities and regions present pledged to support the 2030 objectives of the initiative, and increase their use of innovative and climate-friendly technological solutions to tackle the challenges of climate change and the energy transition. From Szarvas a three member delegation participated in the event, Mr Mihaly Babak Mayor, Mrs Eszter Macsar International Coordinator and Mr Janos Sztanko Development Consultant.


The Indonesian delegation was looking for opportunities for cooperation in our city

In connection with the supply of carp breeding materials,the NAIK Fisheries Research Institute has been in contact with the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime since 2004 – said Zsuzsanna Jakabné dr. Deputy Director of Research Institute - , before the arrival of the Indonesian delegation from the Sultanate of Yogyjakarta, Java, from Purworejo province who are seeking economic, scientific and cultural partners in our county. When in 2009 the Koi herpes virus destroyed the entire carp population, HAKI was again called upon, and in 2016, after the signing of an intergovernmental agreement, a scientific program was finally drawn up, outlining the positions of the institution and Indonesia's relations so far.


Study trip to Iceland : on the way to the geothermal future

In the world's top geothermal power land, in Iceland, the
knowledge base of the field was studied by delegations of Hungarian
settlements, within a five-day study tour. The European Economic Area Financing Mechanism (EEA Fund) 2009-2014 Renewable Energy (HU03) Program Area September 18-22. the "Geothermal Workshop in Iceland for Local Governments" was held there. In this context 27 participants from ten municipal governments participated in the acquisition of basic knowledge for the use and utilization
of geothermal energy, training for contacts and long-term cooperation. The project was implemented with 100% grant support by the EU, totaling 134,900 euros. The experience was presented to the public by  Mayor Mihály Babák, Deputy Mayorf Pál Hodálik
and Eszter Prievaráné Mácsár, Finance Officer   of Szarvas.


Programmes on seven stages of the jubilee Plum Festival

Both the viewers and the weather welcomed the XXth Plum Festival in Szarvas (Szarvasi Szilvanapok), as it was possible to march from the Cervinus Teatrum to the Kossuth Street Festival Centre in  bright sunshine. The march was leaded by the Garagulya Stilt Group and the Majorett Group of the neighbouring town Gyomaendrod and also the Szarvas Brass Orchestra followed by the leaders of the region and the city, and  the representatives of Sister Cities, institutions and civil organizations.


Chinese delegation in Szarvas - Time for trust

A popular Chinese delegation is visiting Szarvas today. Political, administrative leaders and representatives of major companies came from the 6.3 million population Wuxi, who has been sister city of Szarvas since 2009.
The delegation is chaired by Xu Yiping, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Wuxi City. In the delegation of the Eastern China city, besides the leaders of the town's commercial relations, investments and sports life leaders, a hotel chain, a pharmaceutical company, an electric motorbike company and a construction equipment company leader are also present.